Who am I?

Isabella recently stated that her school was different. I was surprised that she verbalized this fact. I thought, wow, this is great. Isabella knows who she is. She pointed out that her school had a large, grassy area. Yes, that’s different from your brother and sister’s urban schools. But that wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to hear. So, I … Read More

Different, Not Less

The spoken motto of the made-for-TV movie and true-life story “Temple Grandin” is different, not less. And Temple certainly proves herself that. She speaks too loudly and too fast; she does not understand body language; she spins around and around for longer than normal; and she experiences tantrums as a teenager — to name a few of the qualities that … Read More

Gluten free not so junk food

One of my jobs as a parent is to make sure that my children do not subsist on a diet of junk foods — as many American children tend toward. It’s the same job that I do in my other life as a nutritionist. We all know what defines junk food. To keep it simple, think about all that is … Read More

Santa: is he still coming?

When my older daughter was 10 (I’m guessing), she said, “Mommy, I have something to ask you. I want you to tell me the truth.” Okay. “Is there any such thing as Santa Claus?” I answered her truthfully. Her response, “You’re lying.” Once again I am faced with a child and the reality of Santa. But the difference is that … Read More

What kind of learner are you?

Any parent of a child with a learning disability or anyone who has payed attention to her learning style knows that each person has a dominant way of learning. Some are auditory learners, taking in everything they hear. These are the students who actually remember lectures. Other are kinesthetic learners, who learn by doing. These are the students who thrive … Read More

School planing meeting

We just had a planning meeting for Isabella’s eduction with her school and caseworker. These are the meetings that I dreaded. In the past, I was known to break down sobbing or run out the meeting or both. I have not done that in a very long time. This meeting was about testing. Okay, for those of you who have … Read More

Making gluten-free cupcakes

It’s the annual Feast at Isabella’s school and she thought it would be a good idea to have a gluten-free treat for her class. Well, probably really for her, but she’s a generous soul. So we embarked upon the baking. Per usual, my kitchen does not have all the necessary ingredients. No butter. Isabella offered to go around the corner … Read More

Leaving home for more than an errand

A 13-year-old (same age as Isabella) boy with Asperger’s left school and rode the subway — for 11 days. Just writing the sentence makes my heart sink. He was reprimanded in school and did not want to deal with further scolding at home, so he rode the subway until a transit worker spotted him. All parents worry about their children … Read More

Age inappropriate behavior

I was planning on posting about Isabella’s greatly improved handwriting and show a birthday card that she wrote without help. But, I’m too annoyed to celebrate success. In the shower today, my very precious Aveda shampoo and conditioner bottles were upside down. The way any use-to-the-last drop consumer keeps her personal products when they are almost finished. Impossible. I just … Read More

Using language

Another milestone of sorts, not the kind that most parents mark, however. While dining at Fork in Philadelphia (highly recommended), Isabella provided a possible glimpse into her future. While eating — she duck, me risotto, her dad branzino, our companion hangar steak — Isabella proclaimed that she had developed a rating scale for restaurants. One was for terrible, two was … Read More