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The green rush has arrived with 33 states and DC with medical marijuana & over 10 with personal adult (aka: rec) use. And, what about CBD—it’s everywhere! The plant is big business for sure. That’s not all this ancient plant represents. Cannabis is leading the way for Personalized Lifestyle Medicine. Rather than a gateway drug, as once inappropriately derided, cannabis can be a gateway to health and wellness. Consumers are ready to change the health paradigm to selfcare. That’s why Laura, as an integrative practitioner and educator, co-wrote the curriculum on integrating cannabis with nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, herbal medicine, and other holistic modalities and wants you to learn about the power of cannabis.

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Personalized Lifestyle Coaching

Get your Personalized Lifestyle Coaching, which always includes nutrition and may include CBD or medical marijuana and other holistic approaches from the expert who wrote the book—literally—and is the education dynamo and co-founder behind the first and only cannabis education program about integrating the ancient plant with other holistic approaches. In addition to her cannabis and CBD expertise, Laura is in a category all her own—a registered dietitian nutritionist who was in the first cohort for certification-eligibility with the prestigious Institute of Functional Medicine.

Laura’s brand of Personalized Lifestyle Coaching represents a marked and significant departure from conventional dietetics and healthcare. By investigating the antecedents and triggers of disease, she treats the whole person, not simply a set of symptoms.

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Enjoy a few chapters from my new book, The CBD Oil Miracle, published by St. Martin’s Press (2019). Never has there been a health topic as hot as CBD. Writing this book was a labor of love & commitment to help educate the masses about the healing power of an ancient plant. I promise that the book delivers information about a new & complex topic in understandable way.

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We have needed Laura Lagano's book "The CBD Oil Miracle" to help make sense of the complex story of CBD and the endocannabinoids. This book is a must for anyone who wants to understand the clinical use of this important phytochemical.

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB
President, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute


Cannabis Consulting
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Who knew that in 2019 North Americans would hear about marijuana, cannabis, hemp, and CBD on a daily basis? Laura knew. She prepared for this day by educating herself about the healing plant and its cannabinoids and co-created an online cannabis education program. With nearly three-quarters of the US states plus the country of Canada approving medical marijuana, creating a niche for cannabis services and brands is of paramount importance.

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