Age inappropriate behavior

I was planning on posting about Isabella’s greatly improved handwriting and show a birthday card that she wrote without help. But, I’m too annoyed to celebrate success. In the shower today, my very precious Aveda shampoo and conditioner bottles were upside down. The way any use-to-the-last drop consumer keeps her personal products when they are almost finished. Impossible. I just paid good money for brand new, nearly full bottles of shampoo and conditioner. They were totally empty. Nothing in them for even a last wash. I began to sob. And not because I would not be able to style my hair to submission. Rather because Isabella is a child who still at 13 dumps out hair products. Remember when your very young child did this? I’d rather not speculate on the age at which this behavior is acceptable.

While we’re on the topic of unacceptable behavior. How about tantrums? For the most part, the tantrums do not occur outside the house and never happen in school. Tantrums are bestowed only upon the parents and siblings. If one occurs in the morning during the frantic morning rush, the day can be ruined for everyone. Isabella’s older sister, Victoria, is happy that she needs to leave earlier in the morning. It’s an opportunity to have a quiet kitchen and avoid the drama.

On the way walking from speech-language therapy, I asked Isabella what happened to the hair products. She said that she didn’t use them. Well, that was accurate. I gave her a look. She fessed up to needing the bottles for water. I told her that she was wasting money. She said sorry and that was that. Any more discussion about this would fall on deaf ears. She was very excited about her upcoming Feast at school and about her sister’s play. Would I make gluten-free cup cakes for her class and what would she wear to the Feast. Was Victoria nervous about her performance?

I guess I’ll keep my Aveda products somewhere else. Next up: check out Isabella’s awesome handwriting.

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