School & nutrition

Finally, a parent-teacher conference where the teacher didn’t recount all of Isabella’s shortcomings. How they have tried every math program available, including the one that I insisted on, and have had zero success. How her inability to stay on topic hinders all of her attempts at class participation. How reading, well, reading — Orton-Gilingham should be working; it works with every … Read More

Food & Mood

Halloween marks the anniversary of a bad scene. Many years ago Isabella apparently ate a ton of candy while trick or treating. I had sent her with her sister who was as diligent as an older sister can be on Halloween. The next morning Isabella had one of those outer body experiences akin to the Exorcist. This was not your … Read More

Being a teenager

Two biggies. Driving in the car, Isabella told us that she hated a song and named the group — correctly. Of course, the radio dial was changed immediately until she found an acceptable song. And then she sang along, knowing every word. Okay, she was completely off pitch and her words weren’t perfectly synced with the radio. Who cares! She memorized … Read More

We need a better calendar

Something bad happened. We forgot to bring Isabella to a weekend birthday party! Because she doesn’t have any great friends in town, getting invited to parties of school friends is a big deal. Isabella talked about this party incessantly. The birthday girl was a new friend. Maybe that’s why we forgot. After a while, when talk becomes repetitive, you stop … Read More

Dancing without inhibition

Our family was invited to a swank bat mitzvah, which was more like a wedding. The music involved a DJ, a host, and several entourage people whose job it was to get the guests on the dance floor. The moms did not need these dance wranglers, nor did Isabella. She perched herself above the floor by the DJ. She was … Read More

Bike riding

Having grown up in the great borough of Brooklyn, I rode my bike everywhere. Unless I was walking or taking the subway. I was in a lot of bike accidents. None that involved cars. Many involved stairs or water. You got a bike, a better bike, not a car, upon high school graduation. Mine was a Schwinn Suburban in a … Read More

Hair brushing

Hair brushing most definitely should not require window closing least the neighbors call the police. At our house this could possibly occur. Call it sensory issues or waiting too long to brush hair. It is a major ordeal. So we put it off. And it gets worse. It’s as if she has a gun shot wound. The screaming is loud … Read More


Friendships, relationships, are THE most important part of life. Few would disagree. I am lucky enough to have several great friendships, mostly with women, of course, who make the best friends. I love these friends. I will have them forever. Friendships for children like Isabella are difficult. It’s difficult to be Isabella’s friend. She craves friends, but they are elusive. … Read More

The random nature of karma

On one of the mommy bloggers said that we get the children we deserve. What’s that all about? Is there karma involved in the merging of the sperm and egg. I doubt it. Genetics isn’t that smart and cunning. It’s random. Sorta like life.

More street crossing

It has happened. Isabella has crossed the street by herself without me following her. Several streets. One after another. It’s all good.