Two of the three children in our home are selectively independent, meaning that they do what they want without doing what I want. Independence without the responsibility. I think that’s normal. While Victoria and Zachary hang out locally, going to the movies, visiting friends’ homes, picking up a snack at Panera, Isabella stays with me. She does not seem to … Read More

Does whining lead to drinking?

Long day today. Probably too soon. Full day at school and speech therapy afterwards. No, Isabella did not go to bed too late last night. We spent Sunday afternoon at a family birthday party for a one-year-old cousin. It was lovely until the end when some unnecessary whining occurred. Today, after school was unprecedented. The whining went on for a … Read More

The future: the unknown

Each morning Isabella gets picked up by a van to deliver her to her school. The time that transportation arrives varies daily. We try to be ready at the same time each day. Sometimes, but not often, Isabella waits on our stoop. We usually leave the front door open and she yells in to us or runs back in to … Read More

Back to school

First week back to school went off without a hitch for my three children. Everyone got up on time and each of my three took off for three different schools. This year we had a first. Isabella planned her outfit for the first day with the help of her 15-year-old sister Victoria. Victoria is our resident fashion expert by virtue … Read More

Outer body experience

Sadly, not every day is a step forward. There are days that I’d rather forget about and pretend that never happened. Yesterday was one of those days. It seemed to be as typical day before school started. Get up late. Hang out. Make declarations of boredom. Go to the farmer’s market. Eat dinner. Something went very wrong at bedtime. It was … Read More

Swimming, really

Another new development. Somewhat astounding for our 13-year-old. Perhaps, not so for other 13-year-olds, unless the child has an anxiety disorder. Swimming. I mean running into the surf in the Atlantic Ocean and loving it! Really loving it. What this means is that the sensory defensiveness is gone. It’s not about being afraid once and now being brave. It’s about … Read More

Using what you’ve got

My mother had a talent that few possess today. She could find a meal — a delicious meal — in anyone’s kitchen. This included the kitchen’s of owners who proclaimed, “There’s nothing to eat for dinner.”  This trait is termed resourcefulness and probably extended to other areas of her life. She certainly used it as a New York City school … Read More

Traditional treatments

We never actually experienced the shocking news of  a diagnosis for Isabella. Stuff was revealed gradually, which was not necessarily a good thing. There was no call to action. With each step forward, there were two steps backwards. Therapies were traditional in nature. Nothing out of ordinary was considered. An error in thinking. Though Isabella still has appointments with the … Read More

Going to the country

My kids used to love going away with the family. The novelty wears off when you reach the age of teenhood. That makes me sad. I’m still in mothermode and my kids are moving into young adult mode or they seem to think so. You know, the perks of adulthood without the responsibilities. Isn’t that what we all long for? … Read More

School shopping

Something amazing happened. Isabella requested a back to school wardrobe. For most 13 year olds, this is not a news flash. In fact, many parents dread this request, particularly in light of the current economy. Not us. This is a first and a sign of being a typical teenager. And she looks awesome in her skinny jeans.