Dancing without inhibition

Our family was invited to a swank bat mitzvah, which was more like a wedding. The music involved a DJ, a host, and several entourage people whose job it was to get the guests on the dance floor. The moms did not need these dance wranglers, nor did Isabella. She perched herself above the floor by the DJ. She was clearly having fun. I got a pang as I watched her contemporaries dance together even though she was the only one really dancing. They were jumping in a mitzvah mosh pit. I longed for a brother-sister act. Will that ever happen? Victoria, the 15-year-old, is embarrassed by me at all times, deeming me unfit for the dance floor. Zachary barely to speaks to us at these events or his sisters. Are these normal behaviors for teenagers? Isabella wants to dance with me. She talks to her father and other adults. It’s as if we have one child. This sounds rather sad. I’d rather feel as if I had zero children at social events. That’s normal.

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