Santa: is he still coming?

When my older daughter was 10 (I’m guessing), she said, “Mommy, I have something to ask you. I want you to tell me the truth.” Okay. “Is there any such thing as Santa Claus?” I answered her truthfully. Her response, “You’re lying.” Once again I am faced with a child and the reality of Santa. But the difference is that this child, Isabella, still believes in Santa. She’s 13. She needs to be told. Many children with learning challenges are exceptionally gullible. Often adults need to step in to set things right. No parent wants to see her child being taken advantage of. It really stings. So one day in the car recently Isabella mentioned something about Santa. I just came out and told her. She took it well. She didn’t say that I was lying. A few days later she mentioned Santa again. I reminded her about the truth. Yes, she remembered our conversation, but she was worried. Would she still receive presents under the tree if there was no Santa. Ah, perhaps the reason why some children believe for so long. Now that’s thinking!