The fashion show

Every year Isabella’s school hosts a feel good fundraiser. It’s the fashion show. Isabella talks about it incessantly. Most of the kids in the school walk down a runway wearing clothing that has been lent to the school for this very purpose. This year, I think, was the first year that Isabella walked, or rather ran, with a classmate, rather … Read More

Back to school

First week back to school went off without a hitch for my three children. Everyone got up on time and each of my three took off for three different schools. This year we had a first. Isabella planned her outfit for the first day with the help of her 15-year-old sister Victoria. Victoria is our resident fashion expert by virtue … Read More

School shopping

Something amazing happened. Isabella requested a back to school wardrobe. For most 13 year olds, this is not a news flash. In fact, many parents dread this request, particularly in light of the current economy. Not us. This is a first and a sign of being a typical teenager. And she looks awesome in her skinny jeans.