Cannabis Consulting

Work with the cannabis-wellness pioneer, Laura Lagano

Lifestyle & Wellness Brand Niching

Who knew that in 2019 North Americans would hear about marijuana, cannabis, hemp, and CBD on a daily basis? Laura knew. She prepared for this day by educating herself about the healing plant and its cannabinoids and co-created an online cannabis education program. With nearly three-quarters of the US states plus the country of Canada approving medical marijuana, creating a niche for cannabis services and brands is of paramount importance.

Alliances & Partnerships

The single connector among long-living, healthy populations is community. That same principle can be applied to business. Building relationships through alliances and partnerships that collaborate to bring lifestyle brand messages to life is Laura’s sweet spot.


Training & Education

Education is identified as the most important issue to rid the world of “cannaphobia”—a fear of cannabis. Laura wrote about the topic in HuffPost in March 2016. As the education director and co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy and experienced curricula developer (with a degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in nutrition & health education), Laura authentically knows how to educate practitioners, consumers, and dispensary staff about cannabis.

Events & Tours

Throughout history cannabis has been used in rituals and ceremonies. In fact, the ancient plant remains one of the top 50 herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and cannabis is the basis of the Indian beverage called “bhang,” which is used during Hindu ceremonies. As a food and cannabis expert plus an adept event planner, Laura and her team can help put together experiences from CBD lunch & learns to immersive dispensary and farm tours.

Products & Recipes

Who better to develop products and recipes infused with cannabis than a registered dietitian nutritionist who knows her away around both test kitchens and home kitchens? Laura’s initial exposure to food happened in two kitchens—in her mother’s Brooklyn kitchen and upstairs in her Italian Nonna’s cucina, where love was a primary ingredient. The fewest, freshest ingredients cooked with passion forms the foundation of Laura’s recipe and product development.